Docomo 15 Days Unlimited Japan Data SIM Card

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Docomo is Japan’s leading cellular provider and infamous for having the strongest network coverage across all of Japan’s islands. This is the ultimate Japan travel sim card and will help you get the most out of your couple of weeks in the land of the rising sun.
Forget about international roaming, the unlimited data on this card is perfect for internet browsing and making calls and SMS back home through iMessage, Viber and other great apps.
Please note: 15 Days of unlimited data begins after first use.

Japan data sim card

Want the best Travel SIM for Japan? You’ve found it with our Docomo Japan Travel SIM!

For a long time now visitors to Japan have had to book a pocket wifi device, have it shipped to their hotel and then have to return it at the end of their trip. Forget about that hassle! Holidays should be all fun. Our travel sims for Japan are all shipped out of Melbourne, Australia and will be with you long before you depart. Piece of mind and simplicity is only just the beginning though.
With a simple one step activation process (detailed in our user guide that comes witch each purchase) and the best data coverage in all of Japan, it isn’t hard to see why this has become the most popular Japan data sim card for tourists!


Hows long does the data last for? Upon first use, you can enjoy 15 days of glorious, unlimited data!
What do I need to do to get my Docomo Japan prepaid data sim card activated?
 The activation process is a simple 1 minute process. We provide a simple activation guide with each Japan data sim card that walks you through the two step process. Your 15 days of data will begin as soon as you land and insert the sim.
Are there any hidden charges with this product? Absolutely not! All our sims are prepaid, non-contractual and preloaded with all the calls, SMS and data specified!
Will this sim card be compatible with my phone? Our sim cards are compatible with all phones, but to take advantage of them your phone MUST BE UNLOCKED. If your phone is locked to a local provider, please contact them (in most cases they will unlock for free).
Will I need to change my phone settings (e.g. APN settings) to use this sim? No. All standard Australian phone settings are compatible with this sim card. In the very rare instances where your phone has slight APN settings that night alteration, we provide easy to follow stepped guides for these with each purchase!
Can I test my sim card before I leave for my trip? It is critical that you DO NOT insert your sim card into your phone before arriving to your travel destination. Doing so can interfere with international activation processes and may lead to your cards credit being used due to roaming in Australia with an overseas provider.


  1. Purchase was worth it just to use Google Maps to find train stations and timetables and routes for everywhere we were going. Made traveling in Tokyo easy.

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